Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Perforated top, lace origami skirt & New Year retrospective!

I learned that I am a mosaic composed of the people I met, of the choices I made and of my actions, that I draw my own portrait and that people find it enough to believe you
are happy just by posting a picture of yourself doing... anything. I learned that many say and few do, that we do a lot and we enjoy less. I learned that happiness is relative and that you are not to expect it from somebody else... that people are kinder and friendlier when they are unhappy. I learned that everything passes, but I stay, that people cherish you more when you're gone. I learned that love doesn't burn without fuel, that few want to see you beautiful and happy. I learned that in this life I can always rely on God, sometimes on myself and quite a few times on someone else. I learned that if someone doesn't love me the way I want, that doesn't mean they don't love me. I learned that happiness comes with growing old, that I'm happy when I hold my boyfriend's hand, not a branded handbag. I learned that you're damn lucky to have a good family that raised you with love, that no Christmas anywhere in the world is as beautiful as the one spent home with my sisters. I learned that you don't need many of people around to feel good, that "all's fair in love and war". I learned that people forget and love can make us look ridiculous. I learned to forgive, to cry, to laugh crying. To hope. I learned that it's over when you stop fighting... or when you just had enough. I learned that good things happen to those who wait...

Asos -Envelope/  Marks&Spencer -Lace skirt/  net top-Koi Paralimni/  Necklace-Greece/ 
 Shoes- Shoebox Paralimni.

Am invatat ca sunt un mozaic compus din oamenii pe care i-am cunoscut, din alegerile si faptele mele, ca eu imi fac portretul, iar oamenilor le este de ajuns sa creada ca esti fericit daca postezi o fotografie facand...orice. Am invatat ca multi vorbesc si putini fac, ca facem multe si ne bucuram de putine. Am invatat ca fericirea e relativa si ca nu trebuie sa o astepti de la altii...ca oamenii sunt mai buni si mai prieteni atunci cand sunt nefericiti. Am invatat ca toate-s trecatoare dar eu raman, ca oamenii te pretuiesc mai mult dupa ce pleci. Am invatat ca iubirea nu arde fara lemne, ca putini vor sa te vada frumos si fericit. Am invatat ca in viata asta ma pot baza intodeauna pe Dumnezeu. Uneori pe mine si de putine ori pe altii. Am invatat ca daca cineva nu ma iubeste cum vreau eu, nu inseamna ca nu ma iubeste. Am invatat ca frumusetea vine odata cu varsta, ca fericita sunt atunci cand imi tin de mana iubitul, nu o geanta de firma. Am invatat ca esti al naibii de norocos daca ai o familie buna care te-a crescut cu dragoste, ca nici un Craciun petrecut oriunde in lumea asta nu e mai frumos decat ala acasa, cu surorile mele. Am invatat ca nu ai nevoie de multi oameni ca sa te simti bine, ca "in dragoste si razboi totul e permis". Am invatat ca oamenii uita iar iubirea ne poate face sa parem ridicoli. Am invatat sa iert, sa plang, sa rad plangand. Sa sper.
Am invatat ca sfarsitul e atunci cand incetezi sa lupti...sau doar cand esti satul.
Am invatat ca lucrurile frumoase li se intampla celor ce asteapta.
Am invatat din postarile mele ca e mai usor sa ne uitam la poze si mai greu sa citim... 


  1. Good post ;)
    You are amazing !
    Kisses <3


  2. Hey dear! Thanx for your lovely comment!
    Great look, you have such a fine taste!

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  3. Cute photos!! :)
    Love your bag the most! :)

  4. you look Amazing dear !! following you on Bloglovin , Facebook and on Google plus :) waiting for you to follow back :) xx

  5. Beautiful mix of textures and patterns with the perforated top and ruffle skirt! Love the clutch bag, too!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog, also! Come back any time! <3

    - Anna


  6. You are so beautiful! love your hair style :P

    new outfit on my blog! Fantik

  7. Loved the blog, the style and the bag!


  8. Love your outfit! You've got a gorgeous style!

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  9. You look amazing*
    Beautiful look <3

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  10. Gorgeous outfit. Every piece well harmonized.
    The Envelop,Skirt and Neck-piece stands out for me.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  11. Beautiful skirt Nelly! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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  13. gorgeous. I especially love the clutch!

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  14. You look stylish..cool outfit

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  15. beautiful pictures! i'm loving that clutch!

  16. I love your bag!!!!
    Oriana xxx


  17. me encanto el vestido y la bolsa!!
    un look adorable!
    visita mi blog preciosa =)

  18. You look stunning!! I love everything about this outfit. Gorg!


  19. Afternoon my friend, first off, great photographic set as always, personal fav is the black and white, your b&w pictures always look ageless, like looking at some lady from the distant past who walks in the footsteps of the European feline. You end your post with ( it's easier to look at pictures and harder to do the reading ), how true that statement is, most people and you can usually tell with the comment they leave your post do exactly that and it is a shame, but such is modern, never stand still for a moment life. Your post is poetic, nostalgic and bordering on the profound, I loved it. Handbag or boyfriend's hand, beautiful...
    Keep up all your great work, you combine photos and words with incredible clarity, wisdom beyond your years. Best wishes Alan

  20. Beautiful.. as usual!!!


  21. loved the little write up thing I cud connect to it and as usual u look great !! I always love your hair :)loved your skirt and envelope are lovely :)


  22. nice :)
    this is amazing look you got there