Tuesday, 11 February 2014


The gypsy look, otherwise known as a bohemian feel, is a daring comeback in the fashion industry. This event has as guidelines some fashion setters from the 70's. A rebirth of the hippie culture, beyond fashion, this trend is a state of mind and a way of life for others. Long dresses, cut jeans and  flower prints are only some of the main features found at Woodstock. Now, theese trends can be seen on the streets, especially during the summer. It is a style that inspires me freedom and lust for life.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

DIY boots and necklace

Hello, darlings!
Today's post is somewhat special because it's starring the boots I myself have customized.  Surfing through blogs I have encountered similar models and I wanted to see the cost. Around 400$ !... I decided to make them myself :)
I had a pair of boots I was about to throw away, just perfect to sacrifice! It took a little work, and I was also lucky that there is a shop in the area where you can get all kinds of accessories, but it was the greatest satisfaction in the end. I just love them!
The rest of the outfit: inspired by Boho style, a style that i think it suits me and that I like very much. The sweater ... I insisted on wearing it, though it adds about three extra kilos to the at least six I have to spare!... 
And finally, the necklace I've put it together from the leftovers, after finishing the boots.
I hope you like it. 
See you soon!