Saturday, 24 May 2014

Stripes walking free near Cape Greco

Hello, everyone! Welcome summer!
It has been a while since I last posted and I rushed today to upload a short post. 
On my friend's birthday, I spent a beautiful day by the sea, so I got the chance of taking some shots. The outfit is simple and confortable, perfect for a day outdoors.
I am beeing generous with the photos because I know for sure you will enjoy the scenery. They are taken somewhere near Cape Greco, Protaras, Cyprus. If you intend to visit, do not write your name on the tables! It's not fashionable here :)
See you soon!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mirror lenses and mustard

I don't always follow trends. When it comes to what we wear, we dress according to our personality and/or the mood we're in. I like to know what the suggestions of the great designers are and, occasionally, some match my style or they suit me at first sight. Today I chose two of the options you will see increasingly often this summer: the mirror shades and mustard. If the sunglasses didn't convinced in "The Matrix", now you can find them in various shapes and I'm sure you can find a pair to your liking. They look good with casual, bohemian outfits, at summer festivals and especially on holidays together with vaporous dresses. If you go with mustard it change your day - it's a cheerful colour, full of positive energy. For top results pair it with dark colours in order to highlight it. Also try matching mustard with dark chocolate, burnt orange, turquoise or emerald green to give an autumn touch to your outfit, with a perfect harmony of colours. 
If none of these suit you, try wearing a smile. It will look gorgeous on you!